Sunday, December 27, 2009


As some of you might know, I'm a big fan of Euchre. For me, it is the king of all card games. As you also might know, I get the crazy eye at the very mention of the game. Over the last few family gatherings, it has become a tradition that my cousin, uncle, dad and I will play a round when we get together. Usually a best two-out-of three thing. Friday, my family was all over at my aunt's house celebrating Christmas. A few hours in to it, someone brought it up. My heart started to race instantly. After a couple of games, my brother came in to the dining room and jokingly said "gambling at a family function? You guys should be ashamed." I told him we weren't gambling, but then I started to think. I actually was gambling - gambling my happiness. When I lose a game of euchre, my night is pretty much shot. I get so sad that I just want to go to bed. On the other hand, when I win, I am the happiest man on earth. The feeling is indescribable.

For example, Friday night, my cousin and were on a team playing against my dad and uncle. There is a pretty solid amount of smack talk coming from every corner of the table. My cousin and I win game one, and I'm feeling good. My dad and uncle make quick work of kicking our ass in game two. This is when I started getting nervous. I knew that my mood for the rest of the night depended on what happened in the next fifteen minutes. My cousin and I won 13 to one (I went alone when we were in the barn just to turn the screws a little). I was on top of the world. I didn't say much. Just smiled big and shook their hands. But, on the inside, I was absolutely ecstatic. My dad was planing on leaving after that game, but my uncle, not wanting to finish on such a sour note, talked him in to staying for one more. Nervous again. My cousin and I agreed, but only after we made it clear that we had won the "official game." They came out strong, but after an amazing comeback, my cousin and I emerged victorious once again. Ecstatic.

Am I nuts? How do I get so worked up over a card game? As high as I am when I when, I am equally as low when I lose. Is it worth it? I would have to say yes. I can handle the lows (plenty of practice being a Bengals fan) for a chance at the highs. I'll tell you this, while there might not be any money at stake, when I sit down to play euchre, I am definitely gambling.


  1. you are gambling happiness and friendship. just remember that boys - next time we kick your a.
    the best solution - to be partners and kick double a.

  2. Who got blackjack?!? Hit me! LOL