Monday, May 11, 2009

A streak of Boog luck....

Last season, I made it to 10 Red's games, and they were 10-0 in the games I attended. This year, on the other hand, my record at Red's games is already 0-4. This is not good.

For those who don't know, baseball is an extremely superstitious sport. I played baseball from age 5 to age 16, and I learned the myths early on. Over the years, I had various "lucky" coins/balls/gloves/rocks. Basically, whatever I had on me when I did something sweet stayed on me until I did something stupid. I never stepped on the foul line when I was running on to the field. If my team won, I wouldn't wash my socks until we lost and I never, ever talked about the chance of a pitcher throwing a no-no when he was still going strong in the 5th (I had to run laps once for doing that).

Some years have passed, but I haven't let those superstitions go. Last season, I wore the exact same clothes to every game. If the Reds were winning, why take a chance on changing something? This year, I have mixed things up every game, but I still can't get it right. I've worn a different shirt, shorts/pants and even different shoes to all four games. Em and I took our moms to the game yesterday, and I realized I was running out of options! I'm starting to think I need to just watch games from the house for the rest of the season. I'm feeling pretty guilty.

This might seem a little crazy to some people, but ask a true baseball fan, and I'm sure they will know exactly what I am talking about. Now, does anyone have any red t-shirts I can borrow?

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