Saturday, May 30, 2009

Peace out, Jay

Did anyone catch Jay Leno's final episode last night? Conan takes his place on The Tonight Show starting Monday.

I remember when I was a kid and Johnny Carson handed over the show to Jay. It seemed like such a big deal. I remember everyone talking about it. My whole family even hung out and watched the final episode. I'm wondering if that was really a bigger deal than Jay leaving, if it just seemed like it to me because my dad was a huge Johnny fan or if Jay leaving actually is a big deal but I just haven't been paying attention.

Personally, I'm pretty excited for the switch. It's not like I can't stand Jay Leno, but I'm not a big fan. Conan, on the other hand, cracks me up. Some people claim that The Late Show will loose a lot of older viewers because they wont get Conan's humor. I think more people will watch now that Conan is in the earlier spot. I know I'll tune in a lot more. I rarely watch Jay, and I'm usually in bed before Conan comes on.

Anyway, I'm wondering how you guys feel about it. Happy? Sad? Couldn't care less?

I tried to find a good Leno video to put up here as a bit of a farewell tribute, but I honestly couldn't find anything that I thought was funny. Sorry.


  1. i don't think leno is funny. seems like a cool guy. he loves denim. off camera he wears nothing but. i shook his hand once and got on tv during his intro. but i don't think he's ever made me laugh.

  2. im with you boys. i can crack up when conan simply stands up.

  3. I've never been a big leno fan. I like Dave Letterman. I think now that Conan is taking over Leno's spot, Letterman will be back on top. IN MY OPINION. Of course.