Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's Try this Again

Well, its been over seven months since I last posted anything on here. For some reason, I really suck at this. I think my problem is that everything that I feel is worth writing about, I have already discussed with everyone that I think might read this blog.

But what the hell....I'm going to give it another shot.

At this moment, I have about a million things on my mind (give or take). I'm waiting on replies from grad schools, holding my breath for Em's and my trip to Thailand (April 5th), trying to work out the remaining effects of my surgery, looking for work while I'm in between schools, wondering how I can be a better husband and pondering my faith all from the comforts of my in-laws basement.

No shortage of writing material.

I think that Em's and my next few months are going to be pretty exciting - mainly because of the Thailand trip and our move out west to wherever I end up going to school. I figure this blog will be a good way to keep a journal and keep our friends updated. And don't you worry, I'll still throw in plenty of random nonsense as well. Thanks for reading!